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Deploy Nuxt on Heroku

How to deploy Nuxt on Heroku?

We recommend you read the Heroku documentation for Node.js .

You can set up and configure your app via the Heroku dashboard or the Heroku CLI .

First, we create our app. Then we add the Node.js buildpack and configure the app to listen on the host

heroku create myapp
heroku buildpacks:set heroku/nodejs
heroku config:set HOST=

Your app's Settings section on the Heroku dashboard should contain this:

nuxt config vars Heroku

Finally, we can push the app on Heroku with:

git push heroku master

To deploy a non-master branch to Heroku use:

git push heroku develop:master

where develop is the name of your branch.

You can optionally configure automatic deploys from a selected branch of your app's GitHub repository in the Deploy section of your app in the Heroku dashboard.

Voilà! Your Nuxt application is now hosted on Heroku!