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Deploy Nuxt on Fume

How to deploy Nuxt on Fume?

Fume is an operations control platform powered by AWS.

Fume includes the following features:

  • Serverless structures supporting both Server and Static with Lambda and CloudFront.
  • Automated deployments with rollbacks with the click of a button
  • Metrics and cost prediction for each environment
  • Domain control - import hosts, issues certificates, and map records to environments
  • Integrated notifications to Slack, Discord, and other collaboration platforms


Get a production-ready URL in 2 minutes with these steps:

  • Head to Fume , connect and plug in your AWS account
  • Create a Team, and a Nuxt project
  • Run the following command inside your projects root folder
yarn global add fume-cli
fume deploy
npm install -g fume-cli
fume deploy